A Message From Gosh Thats Good Brand

Dear Valued Customer,

We at Gosh That's Good Brand pride ourselves in Creating Happy Customers since way before yesterday! After listening to our customers we are excited to bring you some improvements: In summary, our products nutritionals will improve but the great flavor and cost to you will not.

Over the next few months, we are phasing in a new base for our products that will make them free of hydrogenated oils, corn syrup, traces of sugar (in the SF line) and they will become Kosher certified. These improvements maintain and improve our original taste profile while making them easier to mix, creamier, and healthier. Plus, all our products will use the same 1 TBS. size portion scoop!!! Making it easier, more consistent and faster for your baristas to prepare beverages.

We are starting with our Bulk Cases of Original Rich Classic Chocolate, Original White Velvet, and Sugar-Free White Velvet. The case price has decreased to reflect the 978 servings per case, keeping the same low per serving cost you have enjoyed.

We will continue to make available the "Vintage Formula" Sugar Free Rich Classic and White Velvet in the cans during the transition. If you have any questions or want additional information feel free to contact us, we'd love to hear from you.

Darin Teal-Founder

The Baristirs are here!

In case you haven't heard... we received the "Best New Product" award at the Seattle Coffeefest for our new stirring tool every shop needs, especially if you use powders. Call us, Check out our website or visit www.baristir.com.

Rich Classic Chocolate